The Aroma­Infinity Atomizing Essential Oil Diffuser In Lebanon, IN

Aroma­InfinityWe recently introduced the Aroma­Infinity Essential Oil Diffuser with our patented atomizing technology in Lebanon, IN Fall of 2015. It has taken off with it’s sleek design and provides a new look to the atomizing diffusers of the past. The Aroma­Infinity comes with a USB port and a rechargeable Li­battery. This allows the unit to be mobile and easy to travel. Imagine taking this unit into any room and not needing an electric cord. Wow, that’s convenience!

This Aroma­Infinity diffuser takes the essential oil directly from a 15 ml bottle and atomizes the particles into the air. Research shows these particles remain suspended for over 75 min allowing 100% benefit from the essential oils. The coverage area on the Aroma­Infinity is 700 to 800 sq feet depending on airflow. With an enclosed bottle holder, unwanted leaks are not a problem. The Aroma­Infinity also comes with a one year warranty.

With various timing options, the customer can select the length of time they would like the unit to run. This allows so much flexibility in properly dosing with essential oils. As customers become more aware of the health benefits of using essential oils they also require more advanced time settings to meet those needs. This is the unit that offers those options.

Is Your Essential Oil Diffuser As Therapeutic As Your Oils In Lebanon, IN?

Oil Usage FactsEssential oils by nature are therapeutic in Lebanon, IN, but is your diffuser? We did the research on essential oil diffusers and found the data. If you don’t believe the data in Lebanon, IN, just do the math!

To put this into perspective, there are approximately 3,460 drops of water in one cup of water. So you would need to put 346 drops of essential oil into one cup of water to achieve a 10% mixture. This means that even if you used all that oil, an ultrasonic diffuser would only be one tenth as therapeutic as using a nebulizing / atomizing diffuser. It would require 44 hours of ultrasonic diffusion to equal one hour with atomizing/nebulizing diffusion.

Are All Atomizing/Nebulizing Essential Oil Diffusers The Same In Lebanon, IN?

So we know that the best method to diffuse essential oils is with an atomizing diffuser, but which atomizing diffuser is the best? Aren’t they all the same? Absolutely not! Again, we tested the ten most popular atomizing or nebulizing diffusers on the market and found that most are not worth your money. The others are simply substandard.

We have purchased and tested numerous atomizing diffusers in the past sixteen years. What we have discovered is that most use cheap, Chinese­made elements and motors that burnout in a very short period of time. So you could end up purchasing two to three of those diffusers every year or two, even with normal use. If you run your diffuser regularly, you could wind up wasting hundreds of dollars. Out of the top ten diffusers tested, five of them are illegal to sell in the US.

ESIP holds over 13 patents and 5 patents pending on atomizing or nebulizing technology. They have gone to Federal Court to prove these patents are valid and have won. These five diffusers are illegal because they infringe on the intellectual property of ESIP, LLC. The top three of the units tested are licensed by ESIP, LLC and from the data you can see the bottom two diffusers aren’t worth the paper they were test on.

The Best Atomizing Diffuser In Lebanon, IN Is The Aroma­Ace


Our research has found the Aroma­Ace to be the best nebulizing/atomizing diffuser in Lebanon, IN. The Aroma­Ace is a nebulizing/atomizing diffuser that uses a cold­air diffusion process to preserve the essential oil in it’s natural state and purity while producing particles small enough for the body to absorb.

Compact and durable, all­in­one, therapeutic­style design plus patented quick­change atomizer allows straight­from­the bottle diffusion of essential oils. Nothing in the way, just as nature intended.

The Aroma­Ace is the only diffuser made in America with a five year warranty. It is ETL, CE and PSE Certified and comes in both 110 Volt and 12 Volt models to satisfy medical facility and commercial requirements by global users.

Finding The Best Quality Atomizing Diffuser In Lebanon, IN Isn’t Easy!

Looking for the best quality atomizing diffuser in Lebanon, IN is difficult but we have the answers. By providing the research and math we have eliminated the worry. Now the choice is easy!

The Aroma­Ace family of diffusers is engineered for long service life, hand assembled and individually tested for 100% quality control riAroma-Ace, Aroma-Breeze, Aroma-Whisperght here in the US.

You should know that we use a special type of motor in the Aroma­Ace, Aroma-Whisper, and Aroma­Breeze. It’s called a dual diaphragm air pump. There are no brushes like the Chinese motors so it does not wear out like the cheap ones. WOW, that should tell you something about the dependability and durability of the kind of motors used.

Listen, this isn’t China­bashing. There are some very good products made in China. In fact, we use the best available Chinese air pump in our Aroma­Breeze diffuser to keep the price as economical as possible. Because the Aroma­Breeze is the most affordable atomizing diffuser available, you would think that it was the best seller, but it isn’t.

The best seller is the Aroma­Ace. That’s because once people understand the difference, and the five year warranty, they realize the small extra investment is more than worth it. I truly believe it’s the best choice for you and your family.

Lebanon, IN, An early pioneer, Abner Longley, in the early 1800s set about building his log cabin at the site which was then notably swamp land, mosquitoes and cedars. It was later known as Lebanon, Indiana. A cabin, similar to his, is preserved and visited by hundreds in today's beautiful Memorial Park setting on the city's north side.

This was the home of another early settler, Abigail Herr, was given to the city. By an, act of the Indiana Legislature in 1832, which called for the county seat to be geographically located in the center, Lebanon became the county seat. Lebanon was a city of promise for its founders and early builders - the promise for its founders and early builders - the promise of new homes and businesses, bustling factories and mills, churches, schools, and prosperity for all.

Today, Lebanon still exhibits the pioneer, progressive spirit. Its citizens are concerned about the quality of life in their community. Individual and collective time is dedicated to bettering education and providing professional and social services. Church life is emphasized and encouraged. The City of Lebanon has developed into a community with premier services, amenities, and opportunities.

The Mayor and City Council addresses the legislative needs of the city with five City Council members representing residents within districts and two members elected at-large to represent the entire city.

Lebanon, IN, The last mayoral election occurred in November 2015 where Republican Matt Gentry defeated Democrat Michele Thomas by a 2 to 1 margin. Gentry was highly favored after defeating the incumbent Mayor Huck Lewis by a 2 to 1 margin. Gentry become the youngest Mayor in Lebanon history at the age of 26.

Tonya Thayer was re-elected as Clerk-Treasurer with no opposition. The only contested city council seats were the 2 at-large bids. Where newcomer Dan Fleming and incumbent Jeremy Lamar were able to defeat Aaron Smith. The current city council is composed of all Republicans, Mike Kincaid, Keith Campbell, Corey Kutz, Steve Large, John Copeland, Dan Fleming and Jeremy Lamar The mayoral election of 2011 occurred in May because no Democrats filed for the position.

Incumbent Mayor Huck Lewis was able to retain his seat against Debbie Ottinger. Lewis won with compared to Ottinger's. Former Mayor Jim Acton did not file to run for a fifth term, which left the 2007 election open to new candidates. In the mayoral election of November 2007. The candidates were: Republican John Lasley, President of the Lebanon City-Council, Democrat Roger Neal, Lebanon Community School Corporation School Board member and former Lebanon Parks and Recreation Director, and independent candidate George Piper who used to be an editor at The Lebanon Reporter, which is Boone County's largest newspaper.

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