Discovering Essential Oil Diffusers Why I Am So Passionate About Them!

People are discovering the health benefits of essential oils by using aromatherapy atomizing diffusers. My husband, Earl Sevy, is an inventor. He doesn’t sleep much because his mind struggles to turn off. He is constantly thinking of how to create new products or make products better. Around 1999, we had the opportunity to design an atomizing diffuser for a large essential oil company. This ignited Earl’s passion for inventing and we decided to start our own company called Diffuser World.

Earl designed and manufactured new essential oil diffusers and I handled customer service, packaging, shipping, and the books. After listening to our customers, I heard the same complaints. They wanted a diffuser that did not spill oil, that had a built in pump and timer, and something that did not have glass. I encouraged Earl to design a diffuser that met all those needs. Like any good husband, he started right to work. This essential oil diffuser would revolutionize the essential oil industry. This took many years of trial and error, but at last; the Aroma­Ace was finished.

Meanwhile, I had been on my own journey to find my passion. Answering phones for customer service provided me with the opportunity to listen to amazing people! I would hear these incredible testimonials about our products and how using our diffuser had changed their life. Here we were manufacturing thousands of diffusers, and I had not used a single diffuser in my own home. Crazy...right! I am a total skeptic and this just sounded too good to be true.

Essential Oils For Asthma; When Midnight Panic Strikes!

People talk about using essential oils for treating symptoms like coughing, trouble breathing, headaches, stress and many other illnesses. Could this really work?

It wasn’t long after hearing testimonials from customers that my daughter became sick. She had been diagnosed with Asthma at a very young age. Asthma tends to make getting a common cold 10 times worse. One night we awoke to a high pitched wheezing noise. The most frightening feeling came over me when I looked at her face and her lips were turning blue. Panic struck and immediate response with medication began. Nothing seemed to help.

Even after nebulizing Albuterol to open her airway, nothing improved. We quickly drove her to the ER. They diagnosed her with bacterial pneumonia, gave her a nebulizing treatment of epinephrine, and sent her home. It’s so frightening to see your child struggling to breathe. I have never felt so helpless in my life. Unfortunately, three more times that month we had the same experience of waking up in the middle of the night to the panic and rushing to the ER with the same diagnosis. Four times in one month! What was going on?

What Is Aromatherapy? Finding the Answer states Aromatherapy is just that, the use of fragrances to affect or alter a persons mood or behavior. WebMD states that Aromatherapy, or essential oil therapy, is using plant’s aroma­producing oils, (essential oils), to treat disease. Therefore, I concluded there must be something to these essential oils, I began to investigate. I decided, at that point, we needed to find some better answers to improve my daughter's health. If all these people I talked to on the phone saw results in better health, why shouldn’t I give it a try too?

I started researching essential oils to diffuse for respiratory symptoms. Immediately, we started diffusing this oil in her room at night. I can honestly say, that we have never been back to the ER since. That has been over seven years ago! I now have a passion for essential oil diffusers first hand. I love to share my story with others just as my customers shared their stories with me. When you find something so amazing that changes your life, you want to share it.

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