Which Diffuser is Best?

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“Which is the best diffuser?”

This is the number one question we hear at Diffuser World.

Just smelling an essential oil does not necessarily mean it is healing. Full therapeutic benefits of essential oil can be better experienced if a therapeutic grade diffuser is used.

Heat destroys oil, and oil and water don't mix, which is why fan/heat diffusers and water-vapor diffusers cannot disburse oil effectively. There is good reason why Vanderbilt Medical Center chose our atomizing diffusers for therapeutic quality aromatherapy in their hospital. See Vanderbilt Video.

Not everyone understands that there are THERAPEUTIC diffusion methods (atomizing/Nebulizing), and NON-THERAPEUTIC diffusion methods (water-vapor, heat, fan).

Diffuser World designs and manufacturers (in the USA) the most THERAPEUTIC diffusers in the world. Currently, they are the Aroma-Ace™, Aroma-Whisper™, Aroma-Breeze™, Aroma-Infinity™, and Aroma-Express™. Our patented technology uses a cold air jet pump to force oil molecules through an atomizer and into very tiny particles; these molecules become a micro-fine vapor and the chemical composition of the oils is retained. The vapor reaches up to a 1500 square foot area and stays suspended, at face level, for up to two hours.

“How much oil does it use?”

This is the 2nd most popular question we hear.

We give the user full control over the oil consumption through built-in intermittent timers and a pressure-control on the pump. After understanding how long the vapor stays suspended, and the more effective saturation of oil in the air, etc., consumers realize they only need to run the diffuser on the minimum settings, which actually conserves oil.

We hope this quick overview of diffusion methods was informative and helpful. Did you learn something new today?

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