University Lab Proves NEBULIZING Diffusers Are Most Therapeutic

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Essential Oil Diffusers are NOT all alike, and now there is scientific proof. ESIP, LLC commissioned the chemistry department at Southern Utah University to research, test, and compare the airborne particles of nebulizing, ultrasonic, and fan diffusers.

This is what they discovered...

Only the Nebulizing / Atomizing method can truly be considered therapeutic and is worth your money. The rest are simply over-priced “room-scenters”.

Do not rely on random, out-of-date online opinions unless they are backed by scientific DATA and RESEARCH. This short video recaps the lab test and results conducted by the aforementioned entity.


The data shows that diffusing with an Atomizing / Nebulizing diffuser not only diffuses FOUR TIMES more particles into the air, but the micro-particles stay suspended in the air 55 MINUTES LONGER than any other method. That's almost FOUR TIMES longer! By using an Atomizing / Nebulizing diffuser, you’re getting 100% therapeutic benefit from the oils because the oil is not diluted. They are fully intact, with all of the natural healing properties of the essential oils. Also, we now understand that running the Atomizing / Nebulizing diffusers on high pressure output and for shorter time increments is perfectly adequate because the oils remain suspended longer; thereby conserving the essential oil usage.

Chart showing the number of particles created by different diffusers 

Which NEBULIZING Diffuser is Best?

We now know from research that the best method to diffuse essential oils is with a Nebulizing / Atomizing diffuser, but which Nebulizing diffuser is the best? Aren’t they all the same? Absolutely not! Again, ten most popular nebulizing diffusers on the market were lab tested and found that most are not worth your money.

ESIP has has purchased and lab tested numerous atomizing diffusers over the past sixteen years. They have discovered that most use cheap, Chinese­-made elements, and motors that burn out in a very short period of time. So you will end up purchasing two to three of those diffusers every year or two, even with normal use. So if you run your diffuser regularly, you could wind up dumping hundreds of dollars into the trash. Sound familiar? Not to mention, out of the top ten diffusers tested, five of them are illegal to sell in the US due to patent infringements.

ESIP holds over 13 patents and 5 patents-pending on atomizing or nebulizing technology. They have gone to Federal Court to prove these patents are valid and have won. These five diffusers are illegal because they infringe on the intellectual property of ESIP, LLC. The top three of the units tested are licensed by ESIP, LLC and from the data you can see the last two diffusers are basically worthless.

The Aroma­-Ace Is Clearly The Best Diffuser

Our research has found the Aroma­-Ace™ to be the best Nebulizing / Atomizing diffuser. The Aroma-­Ace is a Nebulizing / Atomizing diffuser that uses a cold-­air diffusion process to preserve the essential oil in its natural state and purity while producing particles small enough for the body to absorb.

The Aroma-Ace had the highest diffusion rate

The compact and durable, all­-in­-one, therapeutic­ style design, plus patented quick­-change atomizer, allows straight-­from­-the-bottle diffusion of essential oils. Nothing in the way, just as nature intended.

The Aroma-­Ace is the only diffuser made in America with a five year warranty. It is ETL, CE and PSE Certified and comes in both 110 Volt and 12 Volt models to satisfy medical facility and commercial requirements by global users.


ESIP / Diffuser World Manufacturers the Best Quality Atomizing Diffusers

Looking for the best quality Atomizing diffuser is difficult but we have the answers. By providing the research and math we have eliminated the worry. Now the choice is easy!

The Aroma-­Ace family of diffusers is engineered for long service life, hand assembled and individually tested for 100% quality control right here in the US.

The Aroma-Ace Family of Atomizing Diffusers are the highest rated diffusers

You should know that a special type of motor is used in the Aroma­-Ace, Aroma-Whisper, and Aroma­-Breeze. It’s called a dual diaphragm air pump. There are no brushes like the cheap Chinese motors so it does not wear out. WOW! That should tell you something about the dependability and durability of the motors used in Diffuser World's diffusers.

Listen, this isn’t China­-bashing. There are some very good products made in China. In fact, we use the best available Chinese air pump in our Aroma­-Breeze diffuser to keep the price as economical as possible. Because the Aroma-­Breeze is the most affordable Atomizing diffuser available, you would think that it was the best seller...crazy enough, it isn’t. Obviously, people like bells and whistles.

We got the cold hard facts on the effectiveness of nebulizing diffusers vs. water diffusers, and it’s simple. Nebulizing diffusers diffuse four times more particles than a water (ultrasonic) diffuser. PLUS no water, so your diffusion is 100% pure and healthy.

The actual best seller is the Aroma-Ace. That’s because once people understand the difference, and the five year warranty, they realize the extra investment is more than worth it. We truly believe it’s the healthiest choice for you and your family.


Resource: ESIP, LLC (Earl Sevy Intellectual Properties)
ESIP Manufacturing Facility is located in Enoch, Utah, USA

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