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Diffuser World is the top company in the Aromatherapy industry that manufactures and sells proprietary diffusers. It’s a fascinating story about inventor Earl Sevy and DeAnn Sevy (CEO) and how they positively influenced an entire industry for health care practitioners. Diffuser World is a successful manufacturing company and one of the best in the world where top quality designed and manufactured diffusers are sold worldwide. Read the story about Diffuser World and their humble beginnings...Diffuser World Story.

According to DeAnn Sevy, Diffuser World's three top sellers are the Aroma-Ace™ with the new Aroma-Silencer™, the Aroma-Infinity™, and the Aroma-Breeze™ which is the more economical.


The Aroma-Ace™ Essential Oil Atomizing Diffuser is one of the most successful brands that Diffuser World has designed and manufactured. Available in numerous colors, this effective Atomizing/Nebulizing diffuser is engineered by a cold air pump that forces oil molecules through an atomizer thereby creating a micro-fine mist while preserving the healing qualities of the oil.

The essential oil micro-particles stay in the air for long periods of time. The air is purified with essential oils while creating health benefits through maximum therapeutic aromatherapy diffusion. Built-in timers and pressure output options allow you to experience one of the best aromatherapy diffusion engineered products in the market.

Aroma Ace Atomizing Diffuser

Customers have essentially guided and influenced the decision making in the design process which led to the popular Aroma-Ace Essential Oil Atomizing Diffuser. DeAnn Sevy explains how the whole process began to transform the industry. “The essential oil diffuser industry was in need of a new design that would revolutionize the essential oil nebulizers/atomizers. Listening to customers was key in knowing what problems needed to be fix. Taking this valuable feedback and incorporating it into the Aroma-Ace has been priceless.”

Earl Sevy uses a 3D printer which has made the design and engineering process better and more efficient. “With technology moving so rapidly, it’s extremely important to prototype quickly to cut down on the design time. By utilizing the technology of a 3D printer, it has allowed us to implement shorter design cycles prior to production. Not only can we design a complete diffuser faster, we can eliminate costly mistakes,” explains Sevy.

The Aroma-Ace is the number one best seller at Diffuser World for good reason. “Our research shows the Aroma-Ace offers more output than any other diffuser on the market. The Aroma-Ace has set the bar with an output of 3 ml per hour. Along with its amazing output, the Aroma-Ace offers a five-year warranty and it’s Made in the USA. You’re extremely lucky if you get a one-year warranty on a diffuser, so to have a five-year warranty is unheard of. Along with the exceptional warranty, no other company in the USA makes essential oil diffusers. Therefore, the Aroma-Ace has been the choice for quality and performance,” shares Sevy.


An addition to the Aroma-Ace is the new Aroma-Silencer which replaces the curved lid designed top for the bottle. One of the issues with the Aroma-Ace was the noise factor so this small addition has changed the diffusing sound tremendously and has made a difference for therapists.Silence your diffuser with the Aroma-Silencer

“Those who have been around a while in the essential oil diffuser business can attest that the Aroma-Ace would be considered quiet when compared to the old style well and jet diffusers. But with new people becoming educated and introduced to the atomizing/nebulizing diffusers, they haven’t had that past to compare. Therefore, we have focused our efforts on making the Aroma-Ace quieter. Thus, the Aroma-Silencer was developed to meet those needs,” continues Sevy.

Diffuser World launched the Anniversary Edition Bronze option around the end of May 2016 to celebrate the Aroma-Ace being the proprietary invention that changed the essential oil diffuser industry for the better. The popular bronze color is the only change besides the Silencer that has been made to one of the most popular diffusers in the aromatherapy market today.


The Aroma-Infinity, a diffuser with a unique modern design, was available for purchase in October 2015. It was the first diffuser of its kind on the market in 2016. As one of the top choices for consumers, the Aroma-Infinity utilizes patented Advanced Cold Diffusion Technology and consumers had rave reviews within the first year. This easy to use Essential Oil Atomizing Diffuser model has the most advanced diffusion technology and its features are impressive. The cold diffusion method allows the essential oils to purify the air at a molecular level, making the molecules bio-available. Plus, it’s one of the most innovative and modern design diffusers compared to other diffusers.

The difference with cold diffusion technology compared to heat or water methods of diffusing essential oils into the air is that the oils are not damaged so the therapeutic benefit of the essential oils is maintained. The Aroma-Infinity is quiet, portable, and the essential oil coverage is over 800 square feet. Since it’s self-contained, there are no leaks so there’s no mess to clean up. The digital timer has four intermittent setting options.

Aroma-Infinity Atomizing Diffuser by Diffuser WorldOther accessories that come with this model are a wall plug, USB cord for use internationally, and a rechargeable Lithium battery. The international plug voltage is 100V-240V. The Lithium battery will run for 6 hours on maximum and 12 hours on the intermittent setting. Also, it takes a 15 ml bottle. Extra bottles can be purchased to store and use additional oils. This model has a one-year warranty.

Once again, the customer base influenced the design and development of the Aroma-Infinity diffuser. “With the Aroma-Ace setting the standard in the essential oil industry, it’s hard to top it. Using licensed technology, the Aroma-Infinity offers a sleek modern design with the same standard of quality and performance our diffusers have been known for,” admits Sevy.

The customers’ reactions to the design and control section of the Aroma-Infinity diffuser was overwhelmingly positive shares Sevy. “We’ve had extremely positive feedback on the Aroma-Infinity diffuser. They love the sleek modern design. Customers like being able to choose when the unit turns off after 30, 60, 120 minutes.”

Some aromatherapy diffusers are difficult to clean but not the Aroma-Infinity. “The Aroma-Infinity is extremely easy to clean. Diffuse straight rubbing alcohol for approximately 1 minute. This should clean out any essential oil residue inside the siphon tube that may cause clogging or low performance,” explains Sevy.


The Aroma-Express is a convenient mug-sized, portable, atomizing diffuser with plenty of power!

“Our new focus is to provide a large variety of nebulizing options and customize to our customers’ needs. We have new and exciting designs coming to the market in 2017. We also offer exclusive designs that will provide the uniqueness companies are looking for. With families using more than one nebulizer in their homes, it’s very important to provide options,” shares Sevy.

The Aroma-Express utilizes Nebulizer Technology which is essentially the best-proven method of diffusing essential oils for therapeutic benefits. Being the only US manufacturer that holds the patents to this technology, the owners of Diffuser World have strengthened their position in the aromatherapy diffuser market. The Aroma-Express will be available for purchase at the beginning of October 2016, just in time for Christmas.Aroma-Express Debuting October, 2016

The Aroma-Express offers a different design than the other top selling diffusers. It has rechargeable NiMh batteries and is a travel size which can fit in the cup holder of your car. This three touch control (Power, Timer, Output/Volume) diffuser has plastic housing and a 5 Volt/1 AMP (USB). Run times come in 30, 60, 90, 120, 180 minutes, or continuous.

This aromatherapy diffuser was designed specifically for vehicle travel. “There has been a need for a low cost nebulizer that can be used in the car. With short interval time settings and a compact design, it can easily sit in the cup holder of any vehicle. It comes with four AA NiMH rechargeable batteries. The Aroma-Express can run off batteries, a USB cord or a wall plug. Although the Aroma-Express is a great nebulizer for the car, it also is a fabulous addition to any home or office. It has an output of 1.5 ml per hour which provides up to 800 square feet coverage,” clarifies Sevy.

Considering the potency of essential oils and cleaning the oils from plastic, Sevy explains how this aromatherapy diffuser should be maintained: “Plastic can easily be destroyed with essential oils. It’s very important to use polypropylene which is the same plastic that the essential oil bottle lids are made out of. We require all of our nebulizing diffusers to be made out of polypropylene.”

CV Seal

CV Seal says it's quality approvedAll of the products at ESIP, LLC, the parent company of Diffuser World, will have a CV mark which will be placed on their packaging and products to identify that these are licensed products through their company ESIP, LLC. This CV symbol indicates that Diffuser World has been licensed to sell these products in the US. The purpose of applying this trademark to all products is to distinguish if the unit is a knock off or is licensed in the US. On every box it will have this CV mark which will state on the product: The Certified and Verified Mark (CV™) guaranties this diffuser includes advanced atomizing technology developed and licensed by ESIP, LLC in the USA. All rights reserved.

Favorite Among Aromatherapists and Doctors

Diffuser World offers the best quality designed and manufactured products in the aromatherapy industry today for health care practitioners and the general public. For new customers, whichever aromatherapy diffuser products that are chosen from Diffuser World whether it’s for work, home, or a vehicle, the satisfaction will be high. Testimonials from existing customers are positive for this quality selection of aromatherapy diffuser products Made in the USA.

By: Grace C. Visconti, B.A., A.O.C.A., RGD, Certified Shiatsu Practitioner


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