September 2018 Promotion - Aroma-Cap Diffuser and Peppermint Essential Oil

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Evaporative Diffuser - 3 Pack

The new Aroma-Cap™ evaporative diffuser coverts any essential oil bottle into a diffuser. Each package contains three Aroma-Caps™ and two adjustable clips that can clip directly into your car vent, home fan, window blind, etc. Simply remove the lid and orifice reducer from your essential oil bottle and replace it with the Aroma-Cap™. Add up to 16 drops of essential oil onto the top of the Aroma-Cap™. The oil makes its way through the vents in the top and is absorbed into the natural fiber filament inside. The natural fiber filament technology allows the aroma of the essential oil to slowly release. The ultra-absorbent fiber material is considered safe and non-toxic to the human body. Also, it is BPA free. Now you can enjoy your essential oils directly on top of your bottle.

  • Natural Fiber Filament Technology
  • Waterless
  • Holds up to 16 Drops
  • Adjustable Vehicle or Home Vent Clip
  • Aromatherapy Anywhere
  • BPA Free
  • Patent Pending
  • Essential Oil Bottles Not Included - Sold Separately

Together with...

Viaje™ 100% Pure Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint essential oil (Mentha piperita) is energizing with a penetrating, minty, aroma. It helps to relieve fatigue and muscle pain. Use it in the daytime, as its energizing effect may keep you awake. Diffuse in your favorite aromatherapy diffuser for lasting benefits.

Concentration Diffuser Blend 3-Pack

On Sale - Only $21!

VIAJE™ Essential Oil 15 ml CONCENTRATION BLEND Three Pack

Feeling distracted or just don’t know where to begin? Concentration Essential Oil Blend can help jump-start your brain. Keep this blend in your desk or by your computer for your best work, or with you on the court to sharpen your game. This essential oil blend for concentration contains grounding and calming essential oils which help to balance the mind with calm attention. Diffuse any time you feel distracted to bolster attention and promote concentration.

Concentration Blend Three Pack Includes:

1- Viaje™ Rosemary 100% Essential Oil 15ml

1- Viaje™ Eucalyptus 100% Pure Essential Oil 15ml

1- Viaje™ Peppermint 100% Pure Essential Oil 15ml

1- Concentration Blend Essential Oil Diffuser Recipe Card

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