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Do you wake up in the morning craving more sleep? Do you ever suffer from a lack of energy in the late afternoon? There are so many reasons why our energy occasionally tends to lag at key moments in the day. Adrenal fatigue, lack of quality sleep, stress, or aspects of a more serious condition can all play a part. Instead of downing that second cup of coffee, get energized with essential oils. Here is a rundown of a few essential oils for energy!

Essential Oils for Energy

Feeling sluggish? Try diffusing a blend of these three essential oils. Good Morning Diffuser Blend

#1. Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint essential oil (as well as spearmint) has the ability to uplift as well as energize. This is a perfect essential oil to use if you are suffering from mid-afternoon "brain fog" or are just feeling a little blah. It contains high levels of menthol and has been shown to fight chronic fatigue as well as improve concentration. It can also help with the fatigue caused by slow digestion or overeating.

Or try this: Rub a few drops of peppermint oil diluted in a carrier oil directly on your temples for instant refreshment! Be careful to keep it away from the eye area.

#2. Lemon Essential Oil

Lemon essential oil is right up there with peppermint as one of the most uplifting and energizing of all the essential oils. In fact, all citrus oils, including grapefruit and orange, can make this claim. They are often used together as a super-charger in diffusers or applied topically (dilution is recommended).

Citrus oils can elevate the mood and lift the spirits. All citrus oils, and especially lemon oil, contains healing antioxidant terpenes such as limonene. Lemon has also been associated with decreased blood pressure and can help to support a healthy liver - leading to less toxicity and more overall energy for you!

#3. Frankincense Essential Oil

Frankincense is often called the "Holy Grail" of essential oils. Indeed, it was thought to be a holy substance in Biblical times. Today, the ways in which it can help you create balance and vitality in your life are too many to name here! Frankincense's gift when it comes to lifting energy is in the way it can gently balance the nervous system. Its effect is not as instantly noticeable as peppermint or citrus, but it can be subtly long-lasting.

If you suffer from the lethargy and low energy that often comes with hormonal imbalance or depression, or if you sometimes have bouts of anxiety, then frankincense may just become your "go to" essential oil. Studies have shown that the oil "massages" the limbic system and this can have an effect on soothing the nervous system overall.

Or try this: Remember that a little goes a long way when it comes to frankincense. Rub it in diluted form on lymph node areas or use it in a diffuser for gentle invigoration. If you use a food grade frankincense oil internally, one or two drops under the tongue should do the trick to soothe, balance, and uplift your mood.

How to Use Essential Oils

One of the amazing things about using essential oils for health and well-being is the diversity of options for using oils. Whether you breathe a mist through an oil through a diffuser, inhale from a facial steam bath, or apply it topically, the beauty of these oils is that their aromatic essence can enter into your system quickly.

Essential oils are comprised of very small particles that are able to break the blood-brain barrier, which is why people have found them so supportive for mental clarity and emotional well-being for centuries.

As a rule, less is more when it comes to how much to use, especially if you are using top quality essential oils.


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