Mojito Essential Oil Blend

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Nothing is better than a cool crisp drink on a hot summer day. The crisp refreshing scent of Mojitos will help make you feel cool, invigorated and ready to take on the challenges of the day. Use this blend throughout the day or whenever you need a refreshing boost.

Mojito Essential Oil Blend

2 Parts Spearmint Essential Oil

2 Parts Tangerine Essential Oil

2 Parts Lime Essential Oil

2 Parts Grapefruit Essential Oil

Mix all together and diffuse in your favorite essential oil diffuser.

Featured Diffuser is the Aroma-Ace essential oil diffuser

The Aroma-Ace™ Atomizing Essential Oil Diffuser comes with a five year warranty and is manufactured in the USA. Change essential oils in seconds with the innovative quick change system. Simply twist a new bottle of essential oil into the atomizer at any time without mixing or spilling. Advanced, built-in, easy-to-use timers provide exceptional operational control and convenience. State-of-the-art Cold Diffusion technology preserves the natural essence and complete therapeutic benefits of essential oils by effectively transforming them into a micro fine vapor without the use of heat or water. These micro particles permeate the air and remain suspended for hours, fully intact, with all of their NATURAL defenses against airborne viruses, bacteria, mold, pests, and odors. Other common uses are for respiratory therapy, mood enhancement, relaxation, well being, air purification and more.

Aroma-Ace Essential Oil Diffuser

The benefits of using an atomizing diffuser

Are you one of the millions who suffer from asthma, depression, chronic/acute pain, or other ailments that consume your health or emotions? You are not alone. According to the Center for Disease Control, 1 in 14 people have asthma. Statistics show 40% -50% of school children having sensitization to one or more common allergens. Each year, millions suffer from acute or chronic pain which affects health care cost, lost work, as well as emotional and financial burdens on the family. With these burdens of rising medical and prescription cost, people are turning to alternative solutions that offer 100% health benefits from essential oils called atomizing diffusers.

Atomizing diffusers disperse essential oils as a fine vapor throughout the air so they can be absorbed gently into the body through the respiratory system. The aroma can prompt the nervous system to transmit signals to the limbic system in the brain – the same part of the brain that houses emotion and memory. The brain may respond by initiating various physiological functions, such as a release of hormones, relief from pain, or a positive boost in mood.

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