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"After researching the different methods of essential oil diffusion (fan, heat, water vapor, nebulizing), I’ve learned that nebulizing (aka atomizing) is absolutely the best way to provide both aroma and 100% therapeutic healing value with essential oils, and without altering the chemical composition of the oils as with heat and water. I love Diffuser World’s atomizing diffusers because they break down essential oil molecules, without separation of the mixture, with a cold air jet technology, and turns the oil into a micro-fine vapor that floats through the air for up to an hour with particle size small enough for the lungs and body to absorb quickly. Diffuser World is the only manufacturer that uses this technology, and they build them in Utah! They have great customer service too."

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The Diffuser World Inc affiliate program is an excellent way to generate revenue through your website, social media posts, email, and texts.

We do all the work! Diffuser World Inc will create an affiliate link unique to you. We will also provide a variety of banner-graphic links for you to simply copy and paste into your website or blog. With an easy to use interface, it's easy to accurately track sales you've originated. You will get an email notification immediately when an order has been approved. You earn 15% commission on all sales you've originated. Commissions are paid monthly (on the 15th) through Paypal for sales made during the previous month.

Do you love to tell people about your Diffuser World diffusers? Let us pay you for your efforts.

How Do Affiliate Links Work?

Affiliate links work by placing a cookie on your computer. A cookie is a tiny little file that the website sends to your computer so next time you visit, they will know who you are already. The cookie that clicking an affiliate link sends to your computer says, “Hey Diffuser World, this reader has clicked on a link from this affiliate, if they buy something, make sure you record how much the reader spent on your site“. The cookie stays active for a certain period – usually 30 days, but sometimes longer.

Example of a banner ad that you can use on your website:

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