Aroma-Infinity Bundle

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Save money with the Aroma-Infinity Bundle! Get all of the accessories necessary to fully enjoy therapeutic aromatherapy at home or on the road with the powerful and effective Aroma-Infinity Atomizing Diffuser.

The Aroma-Infinity Bundle Includes:

-Aroma-Infinity Atomizing Diffuser

This quality atomizing diffuser uses the most advanced diffusion technology available and is packed with features. Cold diffusion disperses the essential oils into the air on a molecular level, allowing the molecules to be bio-available. With this diffuser, oils are not damaged by HEAT or WATER. Features include a built-in digital timer with intermittent options, quiet, portable, coverage reaches over 800 SF, and is self-contained so no leaks. Comes complete with a wall plug, USB cord, rechargeable Li-battery, and 15 ml glass bottle. The Aroma-Infinity has a one year warranty.

Use this battery operated essential oil diffuser for 15 hours on highest power setting and 40+ hours on lowest power setting. Battery: S2 3.7V 4400 Mah (included)

-USB Car Charger/Adapter

The USB adapter/charger converts your vehicle's cigarette lighter socket into a USB port for USB plugs. Convenient and easy to use.

USB Adapter/Chargers Features & Specs:

  • Type: USB Adapter/Charger
  • Input Voltage: 12-24 VDC
  • Output Voltage: 1000 mA
  • Material: ABS + PC
  • Dimensions: 2.17 in x 1.02 in x 0.91 in (5.5 cm x 2.6 cm x 2.3 cm)
  • Weight: 3.17 oz (90 g)
  • Color: White

-Diffuser Cleaner 15 ML

The diffuser cleaner is a high purity, laboratory grade, 99% Isopropyl alcohol anhydrous liquid multi-purpose cleaner and solvent. The diffuser cleaner helps get rid of oil clogs, oil build-up and residue in atomizing diffusers as well as ultrasonic diffusers and is safe to use on plastic. When diffusing essential oils over time, your diffuser will develop an oil build-up that potentially can prevent it from working properly. This DIFFUSER CLEANER is a more efficient and convenient way to keep your diffuser running in tip-top condition!

To conserve your essential oils, consider blending with a carrier oil (see carrier oil options)

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Wall Plug be kept in the wall socket all the time without damaging the Li-Battery? It is an option that wall plug be kept in the wall socket when you use diffuser, but it is best to unplug them when they're not in use. This is due to the heat generated by the transformer.

Is it OK for the battery life to run diffuser with the battery only occasionally? Yes, the long term life of the battery will not be affected by running the diffuser by battery use only occasionally. The battery will last longer if it never discharges. Maintaining a full charge would mean it never cycles. Batteries are usually rated for a certain number of cycles.

What is the estimated life of the Li-Battery? About 300 cycles. A cycle is a fully charged battery until it needs to be charged again.

What is the best recommended charging for the battery? To charge completely then use until it needs recharged or use with plug-in or USB. Generally, for all kinds of rechargeable batteries, the best way is to charge the battery completely, then use until it needs recharged. But it is okay to use the diffuser when in charging. It works just like your mobile phone.

Is the battery replaceable? Yes, the battery is replaceable. We have replacement batteries available.

Do I fully charge before using? Just like mobile phone, for safety in shipping, the batteries are all not fully charged before first using, and the battery also will lose a little bit power with time. The diffuser will be workable again, just charge the battery for 10 minutes. If the diffuser still will not give full power, check terminal that connects diffuser and battery. Disconnect and reconnect. The battery terminal can loosen during shipping.

What is the recommended power level, time amount, and interval level for best diffusion? Running the diffuser on HIGH and shorter intervals will provide best particle breakdown and propel those particles into the air better (because they are finer). Customers should put the settings on the desired level of aroma. There is no recommended interval time. It’s customer choice.

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